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Today we welcome a new member to our [FF] Family!  This person has always been a friend of ours.  He is a great person to frag with and certainly has always been supportive of our membership and clan.  Many of us have know him for years so in some respect, this is long overdue.

Without further ado, let us welcome........


Congratulations Cris and welcome to the best damn clan in the universe!!!

[FF]Elite.Weglo Welcome to the best damn clan in the cosmos!!!
[FF]Elite.Jack Daniels aAdmin Welcome aboard
[FF]Fndr.wizardB Admin Congrats Chris welcome to our family come in pull up a chair and join the fun.

This member has been with us a very long time.  Just a great friend to play with and he always focuses on having fun in the game.  A big man with an even bigger heart! Long time supporter, and a friend to many!

It is our great honor to announce our newest Elite......


Congratulations Ray, well deserved my friend!  Here's a big shotgun salute to all the fun we have had over the years and remember, aim for the head!! LOL!

[FF]Elite.Neo.Jr Congratulations Ixpol!
[FF]Elite.sniper 1 Congratulations Ray.
[FF]FNDR.Jake_Brake aAdmin Hey, looking good!!

Clans and clubs come and go, but to be in existence for 14 years is definitely something very special!  Many have contributed to the fun over the years, many still with us and others not.  But one thing is for sure, we owe a great big thank you to all who have been member, and to our friends also!  Without you, none of this would have been possible!

Happy 14th Anniversary to the Best Damn Clan in the Universe!
[FF]FNDR.Jake_Brake aAdmin Hey Zag! Good to see ya!
[FF]Zageron Hey congrats on 14 years, damn. ...
[FF]ELITE.Eztarget Congrats to all!!