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When it comes to longevity, and loyalty, there are few that can match this great friend of ours.  He has been with our [FF] Freedom Fighters almost from the beginning!  We have watched his own family "grow up" within our membership!  Through "thick and thin", he has always been by our side!

In is our pleasure to announce, a new Founder within our team..............


Congratulations Jay!  You have been a strong, loyal and valuable member from the day you arrived!!  Well deserved!

[FF]Elite.Weglo Grats Neo
[FF]FNDR.Rambo Admin Yay Congrats !!!
[FF]Assn.Ixpol Congrats!

Our New Founder!

[FF]FNDR.Jake_Brake aAdmin posted Apr 26, 14
Woot!   Woot!!

I will never forget the early days when this member first started playing on our servers.  He was so quiet, so humble and really, really concerned he was not skilled enough for our clan. LOL!  Little did he know then, that the "skill" we valued so much, had nothing to do with gaming itself!  Yes, he has always excelled at displaying honor and loyalty through thick and thin, and has always supported his fellow members throughout!  This was the skill we value so much!

It is our great honor to announce our newest Founder......


Congratulations Manny, well deserved my friend!  Here's a big shotgun salute to all the fun we have had over the years and will for many more!

[FF]Assn.Ixpol Woohoo Manuel, congrats bro......
[FF]Fndr.wizardB Admin How in the world did I miss this CONGRATS big time Manny Sorry for the late HURRAH but life sometimes gets in the way ...
[FF]Elite.sniper 1 Congrats Manny

New Elite!!

[FF]FNDR.Jake_Brake aAdmin posted Mar 28, 14

We have a new Elite in our midst!  We have seen this young man grow before our eyes!  He has been in the family a very long time and has been raised to be a well respected [FF] member since he was just old enough to use a keyboard!  Always fun to play with, and always an asset to our membership!

Without further ado, we give you............

[FF]Elite.Neo Jr.

Congratulations Nathan, we all are proud of you!!

[FF]Assn.Ixpol Congrats!
[FF]FNDR.HeadRush aAdmin Congratulations Nathan, AKA, Neo Jr. Great Job!
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