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New Elite!!

[FF]FNDR.Jake_Brake aAdmin posted Mar 28, 14

We have a new Elite in our midst!  We have seen this young man grow before our eyes!  He has been in the family a very long time and has been raised to be a well respected [FF] member since he was just old enough to use a keyboard!  Always fun to play with, and always an asset to our membership!

Without further ado, we give you............

[FF]Elite.Neo Jr.

Congratulations Nathan, we all are proud of you!!

[FF]Assn.Ixpol Congrats!
[FF]FNDR.HeadRush aAdmin Congratulations Nathan, AKA, Neo Jr. Great Job!

New Founder Promotion!!

[FF]FNDR.Jake_Brake aAdmin posted Jan 14, 14
Big News!!

This is a fairly rare event and is reserved for the most special recognition!  This member has been with us for many, many years now, and has always demonstrated his support and loyalty to [FF] through both his actions and his words.  He is is friend to many, and represents our [FF] morals extremely well to all.  He has supported our membership in a multitude of ways over the years.

In is our pleasure to announce, a new Founder within our team..............


Congratulations Curtis!  You have been a tremendous asset to our membership from the day you arrived!!  Well deserved!

[FF]Elite.Daddyojoe1 All right Curtis!!!
[FF]Elite.Meat1977 Congratulations Kurtis, well deserved!!
[FF]Assn.Ixpol A big congrats!


[FF]FNDR.Jake_Brake aAdmin posted Nov 10, 13
Woot!  Woot!

We have two new very well deserved promotions to announce!  Both of these members have been with the Freedom Fighters for a very long time.  And both, have always remained active and supportive of our members and friends of [FF].  The are just two really great individuals who are fun to play with and always demonstrate a great attitude!

Without further ado, we give you............

[FF]Elite.Sniper 1


Congratulations Sim and Joe, and thank you for all the support to our membership over the years!
[FF]Elite.Jack Daniels aAdmin Sorry on the late reply, Congrats Killa!
[FF]Fndr.Ķĭłlå☣Şρŕĩŧe Admin Congrats guys, well deserved!!! Tags look good!
[FF]Assn.Ixpol Congrats to the both of you! I remember when you both just put in apps! Good job guys!
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