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We are happy to announce that we have an old friend joining our [FF] Family!

A long time friend, avid Half Life player and just a great all around individual!

Let's all give it up and congratulate our newest member........


Congratulations Esa, and welcome to the best clan and family in the world!! 

WhooootieHooooo!! cool

[FF]Elite.sniper 1 Welcome to the finest clan around.
[FF]Elite.Ixpol Silent long time sir. Welcome back.
[FF]FNDR.Rambo Admin Wootie hooo , welcome to the best dang clan in the universe

It is with great sorrow as I write this, Our very own well loved ICE has left us.

She passed on September 14 2018. Please Lets Honor her and remember the good times that we all had with her.

She will be missed dearly. With out further ado I present [FF]LGND.ICE into the Hall of Legends.

Here is her obituary, there is a link to send flowers and donations to her Family.


FNDR Fire Medic I am very sorry to hear about Penny. She was very nice and I enjoyed talking with her. I hope her family is doing ok. ...
[FF]FNDR.Rambo Admin RIP Penny , I remember I recruited her to join our clan
[FF]FNDR.Jake_Brake aAdmin Agreed Curtis, it was a total shock! She was one of those people who as soon as she entered a server the entire atmosph...

New Discord Server

[FF]FNDR.Jack Daniels aAdmin posted Jul 8, 17

I created an FF Discord Voice Server for us and friends check it out make some rooms and start chatting. I think this will help us come together a little easier.

Go to this thread.


Edit: Ive integrated into the server page check it out. This is still a work in progress so any issues please post under site bugs. Speacial permissions will be granted to those who need it. send me a steam pm or clan site pm requesting certain access.

invite your friends and remember this is family friendly so let your friends know our rules on posting anything to the messages on discord cannot contain adult content.

Thank you for your cooperation and lets get talking again.

Thanks to [FF]Zageron for the suggestion